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Burial Life Insurance, What You Need to Know

The sudden or unexpected loss of a family member can devastate a family, emotionally, physically and financially. Many people erroneously assume that if their loved ones have a comprehensive life insurance policy, that all of the expenses related to their death will be covered. This is not necessarily so. Many life insurance policies pay out a certain amount of money, either in a lump sum, or as a monthly or semi-annual payment that is meant to cover the financial loss of the policy holder. Often, these payments are not meted out quickly enough to cover the one major expense facing a family that has just suffered a loss – funeral expenses.

With the purchase of Burial Life Insurance, you can ensure that the burial and funeral expenses following your death will not take a financial toll on your family following your untimely loss. There are a couple of different things to consider when shopping for burial life insurance.

Remember, that most funerals can cost up to, or even exceed, $10,000. This is a lot of money, which can further damage an already grieving family. Burial Life Insurance can help protect your family by covering the expenses of your funeral and other bills in the wake of your death.

What Does Burial Life Insurance Cover?

Funeral & Burial Costs

Burial Life Insurance usually covers a casket, outer vault, minister, music, headstone, cemetery plot, viewing, embalming, and cosmetology.

Unexpected Bills

Burial Life Insurance can also cover doctor bills, legal fees, debt, probate and even provide money for unexpected bills.

Extra Money

Burial Life Insurance can also give your family extra money for time off work while they grieve. Planning for the unexpected is difficult and life insurance offers you the flexibility your family will need during a difficult time of loss.

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How Much Will Burial Life Insurance Cost?

You can buy Burial Life Insurance at any age and even if you have health problems. You may need to get a medical exam before purchasing a policy. The cost of the policies usually depends on medical problems, age, and amount of coverage. Most policies range from $4,000 to $60,000. The best way to determine which policy you will need to cover everything is to add up all of your debt or other expenses that will transfer to your loved ones and then add $10,000 to it. This way you will know which policy will provide enough money to pay for everything. Your loved ones will go through enough grief after your passing, do not allow them to endure the grief of your expenses as well.

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